bergie color non stick ptfe fiberglass fabric

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Teflon sheet is made of fiberglass coated with high quality teflon, is has super non stick surface and can resist heat to 260 degrees. because of this property, ptfe sheet is widely used in hot press machines, laminating machines, heat transfer machines and various applications.
Thermal bonding of non-woven fabric . the heat resistant and non stick ptfe coated belt, is the critical feature of the thermal bonding process of non woven manufacturing. during the drying process, the cotton with or without glue, the fiber with low melting point need to be dried and cured, then a ptfe mesh belt or ptfe heavy duty belt will be needed.
Ptfe fiberglass fabric features: high temperature resistance, its 24 hours temperature resistance is 260u2103,maximum up to more than 300u2103; non-stick surface, easy to clean; chemical resistance, anti corrosion; flame retardant. applications:

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