PTFE coated fiberglass mesh fabric cloth used for cooking food and mesh conveyor belt

* ptfe coated woven fiber glass fabric: tightly knit glass fiber yarns weaved fabric as substrate material, which is coated with ptfe (teflon) emulsion. * ptfe coated glass fiber open mesh fabric: glass fiber open mesh fabric as substrate material, and it is coated with ptfe
Ptfe mesh conveyor belt teflon mesh belt is made of fiberglass mesh impregnating with suspended ptfe emulsion which is a new composite products with high performance and multi-purpose. high temperature resistance – working range: -70℃~260℃.
Ptfe mesh fabric, excellent heat resistant conveyor belt! ptfe mesh ys6003 is using even weaved mesh fiberglass as basic material, and coated with fluorocarbon(ptfe)(teflon) resins used in the curing and chemically inert industry. it has
Ptfe coated fiberglass mesh fabric/ cloth . ptfe fiberglass fabric is made from high intensity fiberglass yarn by plain weaving, satin weaving or cross grain, coated with fine quality ptfe teflon latex and then dried. features: 1) working temperature: -70260°c. 2) can avoid wasting heat and improve drying efficiency. 3) can resist most chemicals

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