high quality 0 13mm teflon coated fabric

Esone high performance ptfe coated fabric is using e-glass as basic material, and coated with high quality ptfe for excellent non stick property. this fabric is easy to release, heat resistant up to 260 degrees and has high mechanical strength.
Ptfe fiberglass, high glossy and easy release. ptfe fiberglass is called as ptfe coated fiberglass fabric, basic material is high quality e-glass, impregnated with high performance ptfe content to produce high glossy, extreme smooth coating.. in order for offering high quality and premier series ptfe fiberglass, youngsun will add special reliable material to modify ptfe property.
High quality 0 13mm teflon coated fabric; 1mm thick silicone coated fiberglass baking mats; hig quality ptfe fiberglass fireproof fabric cloth; 15 x 750 mm ptfe contunious sealing belt; silicone coated fibreglass insulation clothhg025; high temperature resistance ptfe endless belt; best 0 18mm ptfe adhesive tape
Ptfe coated kevlar fabric is made with aramid fiber weaved fabric and coated with high quality ptfe, has excellent mechanical strength and long lifetime, which is designed for tough environment like heavy conveyor belting, drying belts, wood pressing and laminating, release sheet in carbon fiber gasket and so on.

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