PTFE coated fiberglass self adhesive fabric tape fabrics

Ptfe zone tapes, adhesive tape with non adhesive free zones ptfe zone tapes have two different styles, one is using ptfe coated non adhesive fabric as basic material, and stick with double side or one side silicone adhesive or acrylic adhesive tape.
Ptfe mold release tape, make of woven fiberglass coated with high quality ptfe(teflon), and back side coated with silicone psa. this mold release tape has higher tensile strength than normal self adhesive ptfe fabric. in this case, esone adhesive tape will be easily took down after repeatedly used.
Ptfe coated fiberglass fabrics and adhesive tapes ptfe (polyu2013tetra-fluoro-ethylene) is a synthetic fluoropolymer u2018accidentallyu2019 invented by roy plunkett that finds numerous applications. it is well known by the dupont band name teflon.
Jiangsu zobon conveyor belt co.,limited is a specialized developer and manufacturer of ptfe and silicone coated fabrics in china.our product line includes ptfe coated fabrics,ptfe adhesive tape, silicone rubber coated fabrics,ptfe coated mesh fabrics,ptfe conveyor belts.

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