Teflon Mesh Belt producer

Ptfe teflon coated fiberglass fabrics,ptfe teflon adhesive tapes,ptfe teflon mesh conveyor belts manufacturer and supplier in china.ningbo changwei technology & materials co.,[email protected]
Ptfe coated glass and aramid fabric belt manufacturer. over 30 years of experience and a specialized team of technicians. why us? we manufacture ptfe coated glass and aramid fabric belts.
China is the largest producer of teflon mesh belt, with a production market share nearly 70% in 2016. india is the second largest producer of teflon mesh belt, enjoying production market share nearly 10% in 2016.
Our main products are teflon mesh belt conveyor, teflon coated fibreglass fabric, teflon adhesive tape, packaging industry, photovoltaic industry special high temperature cloth, ptfe grill mat etc. factory located in anhui province, covers an area of 13000㎡.

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