Conveyor Belts Teflon Mesh

Ptfe mesh conveyor belt teflon mesh belt is made of fiberglass mesh impregnating with suspended ptfe emulsion which is a new composite products with high performance and multi-purpose. high temperature resistance u2013 working range: -70u2103uff5e260u2103. non u2026
A teflon conveyor belt has the same coating applied to non-stick cookware. just like on cookware, it offers super non-stick surface and can resist high temperatures. teflon is a brand name of dupont for their ptfe product range.
Ptfe open mesh conveyor belt is also called ptfe open mesh dryer belts/ptfe coated mesh belt/teflon adhesive tape/teflon baking tray cloth which is widely used for various drying mechanical conveyor belt, adhesive tape, sealing tape.
Teflon open mesh belt ys6001s teflon open mesh belt ys6001s isu00a0using stronger fiberglass yarn for weaving, the tensile strength and lifetime is better than standard mesh series.

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