With Release Paper PTFE Adhesive Tape

Best selling items waterproof feature and water activated adhesive type ptfe tape with release paper. heat resistant insulation teflon coated one side silicone adhesive tape with release paper. high temperature self adhesive ptfe teflon heat resistance custom tape.
Adhesive teflon is made of teflon coated fiberglass tape with a clean release silicone psa or acrylic adhesive. the ptfe(teflon)(polytetrafluoroethylene) coating will offer non stick surface and easy release property, and the adhesive back will ensure the heat resistant adhesion below 260 degrees. adhesive teflon has a [...]
For ptfe adhesive tape coated with psa(pressure sensitive silicone adhesive), the release liner will be pvc liner. for ptfe adhesive tape coated with acrylic, the release liner will be blue or white pe liner.
Ptfe adhesive tapes have easy release surface and can continuous working under 260 u00b0c. with back side yellow textured pvc release liner for ease of use.

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