ptfe adhesive film with release liner

Ptfe adhesive ys7025aj, long lasting ptfe adhesive fabric ptfe adhesive ys7025aj, with 0.30mm total thickness, has easy release and long lasting performance. the basic material is ys9025aj, which has excellent release surface and high mechanical strength. and the silicone pressure adhesive on the back is heat resistant and long lasting.
Chemfilm u00ae cast ptfe films are developed with a unique multi-layer construction comprised of individual layers that are configured with different polymers and polymer blends. they are inherently void and pinhole free, offering superior dielectric performance and conformability. chemfilm cast ptfe films include mold release films, vaccum bagging films, monolayer films, cementable adhesive u2026
Ptfe fiberglass adhesive tape is made from teflon cloth (or pure teflon film), treated with sodium or special reagent on one side, then coated with adhesive. there are two types of teflon tape: the narrow tapes are normally without release paper and the wide ones are always with release paper. high temperature resistance(-70u2103~260u2103).
Teflon adhesive tape, contains non stick ptfe surface and high temperature resistant adhesive teflon adhesive tape, back side coated with silicone or acrylic adhesive, which allows for easy release, high tensile strength and stable quality & dimension in high temperature.

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