different mesh size silk printing ptfe fiberglass open mesh conveyor belt

Features of ptfe belt u2605 ptfe open mesh conveyor belt is light weight and cost effective, which is much better than metal conveyor belt, as ptfe belt is easy to replace and less expensive. u2605 different mesh size is available according to the application request, from 1mm x 1mm, 2mm x 2.5mm, 2mm x 4mm, to 4mm x 4mm, 8mm x 8mm, 10mm x 10mm.
Ptfe coated fiberglass mesh conveyor belt is ideally suited for conveying products within highly efficient air distribution systems allowing optimised moisture removal to take place and is commonly used within ultra violet and infra red dryer units. ptfe open mesh conveyor belt. ptfe open mesh conveyor belt is made of fiberglass mesh or aramid ...
Ptfe mesh conveyor belt, long lasting screen printing belt. ptfe mesh conveyor belt is widely used in applications of high heat, from screen print dryers used in textile industry to extruded rubber products used in the automobile industry.belts are designed for top performance and durability in high-heat environments.
Ptfe coated open mesh conveyor belt, replacing steel conveyor belt. mesh sizes of 4x4 mm and 2x2 mm provide a high percentage of open surface area, creating maximum airflow and sufficient operation with minimum heat loss. width and length stability of the belts are retain over full range of operating temperature.

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