best ptfe Coated Fibreglass Fabric

Nov 23, 2014u00a0u00b7 one roll 1 1/2 x 10 yds. ptfe coated fiberglass fabric 5 mils non adhesive, brown this fabric maintains high temperature resistance to 550f. the ptfe (teflon) coated fiberglass provides a smooth, slick surface with excellent release properties. the fiberglass fabric provides dimensional stability and strength.
Silicon coated fiberglass fabrics has quite similar characteristics to those of ptfe coated fiberglass fabric. but they are more flexible, very non-stick, non-slip surface and more tear resistance. properties: superior release non-stick surface; excellent release properties
Ptfe, or polytetrafluoroethylene, is a teflonu00ae-coated woven fiberglass membrane that is extremely durable and weather resistant. this unique combination of inertness, thermal stability and surface properties make birdairu2019s ptfe-coated fabric membrane ideal for projects requiring superior weather and fire resistance.
1.ptfe/teflon fiberglass fabric fiberglass fabric use best imported fiberglass yarn as the weaving material to plain knit or specially knit into superior fiberglass basic cloth, coat it with fine ptfe(teflon) resin then make it into various ptfe(teflon) fabricin different thickness and widths.

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