ptfe coated open mesh conveyor belt for silk screen printing

Ptfe coated open-mesh belting fabrics fiberflonu00ae has developed a full range of open-mesh belting products for belt dryers. these belts can be used in textile, screen printing, packaging, electronic, food and other industries. some properties: outstanding temperature resistance (from -150u00bac to +260u00bac) resistant to corrosive caustic cleaning agents
The ptfe coated open mesh is mainly used for the production of conveyor belts which can transport printed materials into both drying ovens and cooling chambers in silk-screen printing industry. these conveyor belts are highly durable, and they can be applied at a wide range of operating temperature.
Ptfe mesh belts u2013 ptfe open mesh belting is ideally suited for conveying products within highly efficient air distribution systems allowing optimised moisture removal to take place and is commonly used within ultra violet and infra red dryer units.
Ptfe fiberglass open mesh conveyor belt open mesh belts are constructedwith ptfe impreganated coated fiberglass, aramid(or both) and polyester mesh materials that are both durable and food safe. a wide selection of splice, edge and tracking options ensures that belts u2026

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