Teflon Adhesive Tape in Canada

Ptfe fiberglass adhesive tape ptfe fiberglass adhesive tape is made from teflon cloth (or pure teflon film), treated with sodium or special reagent on one side, then coated with adhesive. there are two types of teflon tape: the narrow tapes are normally without release paper and the wide ones are always with release paper.
Properties of self adhesive teflon tape u2013 excellent dimensional stability and durability in high temperature. u2013 superior mold release property u2013 operating continuous from 70u00b0c and +260u00b0c u2013 easy release, excellent non stick u2013 flame resistant u2013 high dielectric constant u2013 self adhesive teflon tape can be anti-static
u00a0 the back adhesive can be silicone pressure adhesive or acrylic adhesive, and silicone adhesive(psa) canu00a0continuous working between -70u02dac to +260u02dac. acrylic adhesive teflon tape can serve from -70u02dac to +170u02dac, but it can offer better initial tack(adhesion).
Ptfe adhesive tape in canada home / ptfe adhesive tape in canada cs hyde company specializes in custom conversion, die cutting, laminating, slitting & sheeting materials . including teflon tm fluoroplastic, kaptonu00ae, uhmw, ptfe ...

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