operating temperature and non adhesive PTFE mesh conveyor belt

Ptfe mesh fabric, excellent heat resistant conveyor belt! ptfe mesh ys6003 is using even weaved mesh fiberglass as basic material, and coated with fluorocarbon(ptfe)(teflon) resins used in the curing and chemically inert industry.it has exceptional strength and dimensional stability.
These conveyor belts are long lasting and perform well over operating temperature is from -100°f to +550°f. core-tex has developed a full range of ptfe open mesh conveyor belts. they are used in a variety of applications where materials are handled in a high heat environment.
Ptfe open mesh conveyor belt is excellent release, dimensional stability and high anti-tensile strength, high operating temperature. this conveyer belt is excellent release ,dimensional stability and high anti-tensile strength,high operating temperature: main features: 1.heat resistant stability---it can be used in -60ºc~+260ºc.
Ptfe conveyor belt is a kind of belt which is non-toxic, non-odor, non-stick surface and suitable for conveying food and food materials.the belt can be used in various power transmission applications, such as drying application, screen print dryers, shrink tunnels.. the belt are known for their long serving life and sturdy construction. properties: ...

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