custom size Teflon Adhesive Tape

Our experience in the pressure sensitive tape industry makes us among the most qualified to provide the best solutions. we stock tapes from over 20 manufacturers. in addition to our standard products specialty tape converting die cuts, slits, rewinds, laminates and produces all custom printed tape in house.
Custom size teflon adhesive tape waterproof fiberglass tape teflon ptfe tape specifications ptfe (teflon) fabric with adhesive is ptfe fabric or ptfe film add silicone pressure sensitive adhesive which provides an excellent release surface for a diversity of industrial applications requiring high temperature, electrical resistance, mechanical strength, fire u2026
Ptfe coated glass fabric tape 3 mil (78103) as low as $19.26. ptfe coated glass fabric tapes description: ptfe impregnated fiberglass cloth, consisting of warp and fill yarns, and coated with a high temperature silicone adhesive. excellent electrical, mechanical and chemical properties.
Cs hydeu2019s zone tape is a ptfe coated fiberglass tape made with teflonu2122 fluoroplastic. this tape has custom sized strips of adhesive on the outer edges, leaving a non-adhesive u201cfree zoneu201d in the center. custom sizes available. silicone adhesive (to 500 f) or acrylic (to 350 f) / u2026

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