0 16mm PTFE Coated Fibreglass Fabric

Ptfe coated fiberglass fabric is a fireproof and non stick materials with high tensile strength. the fiberglas fabric is very durable fabric and can be reusable. food grade ptfe coating make the surface of fiberglass cloth smooth and non stick. the coated fabric combines excellent properties of fiber glass fabric and ptfe coating.
Ptfe coated fiberglass fabric 0.12mm black 260u2103 non stick food grade fiberglass fabric is a fire resistant material which is woven from e-glass fiberglass filament in different weave. it usually will be coated with compounds such as silicone, pu, pvc, ptfeu2026
0.16mm brown ptfe coated fiberglass fabric non stick ptfe bbq grill mat materials . basic cloth of ptfe coated fiberglass fabric is e-glass fiberglass cloth in palin weave. it is coated with brown/tan color ptfe on two sides. ptfe coating is smooth and non-stick. this coated fabric is non toxic, easy to clean, reusable and chemical resistant.
This 0.25mm ptfe coated fiberglass fabric is a high tensile strength fiberglass fabric woven in plain weaving type. it is coated with black ptfe on both two sides. ptfe coated fiberglass fabric is non stick, anti-friction and heat insulation. the black coating ptfe is food-grade and fda approved so that it is usually used for food application ...

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