high quality ptfe coated open mesh conveyor belt

Ptfe mesh conveyor belt series w e select advanced imported loom,using high-quality imported glassfiber or kevlar as basic weaving material, coated with excellent ptfe resin to make it into various ptfe mesh conveyor belts. features of ptfe conveyor belts: 1.
Ptfe open mesh is made of glass fiber or kevlar woven into a mesh base cloth and coated with high-quality ptfe resin. it is ultra-high temperature resistant, flat surface, strong and wear resistant, and is mainly used as a ptfe baking sheet and ptfe conveyor belt.
Esoneu00ae ptfe mesh belts are coated with high quality ptfe resin, the basic material is woven open mesh fiberglass or aramid fabric (like kevlar) or nomax. the main applications is screen printing, drying industry,packaging industry, textile industry, wood processing industry and so on, which is used as heat resistant and non stick conveyor belt to transport materials through ovens.
Ptfe open mesh belting is ideally suited for conveying products within highly efficient air distribution systems allowing optimised moisture removal to take place. the ptfe open mesh conveyor belting is lightweight and has energy efficiency for economical operation, it is easy to handle and less expensive than wire alternatives that can be difficult to replace.

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