best 0 13mm PTFE Fabric

Presented ptfe-coated fiberglass fabric is adhesive, its thickness is 0,13 mm, the width u2013 1m. offer applies to the purchase of 1 m2. this fabric is manufactured from selected fiberglass coated with ptfe. it characterizes with high temperature resistance as well as chemical resistance. properties of ptfe fabric:
Nov 27, 2018u00a0u00b7 pack of 2 ptfe coated fiber glass tape ptfe coated fiber glass tape size 25mm width x10 meters(11 yards length) total thickness 0.13mm (5mil) brown color oem by saint gobain silicone adhesive extra high non stick performance and long service time temperature -70 to 260 u00b0c
The self-adhesive fabrics are coated with ptfe and have a layer of silicone or acrylic adhesive. the silicone adhesive fabric have a continuous operating temperature range between -70u2103 and +240u2103. the acrylic adhesive fabrics serves from -40u2103 and +150u2103 while it offers a very high initial adhesive power and a excellent solvent resistance.
Oct 07, 2018u00a0u00b7 0.13mm heat resistant teflon material colored fiberglass cloth glass fibre fabric product description ptfe fiberglass fabric fiberglass fabric use best imported fiberglass yarn as the weaving material to plain knit or specially knit into superior fiberglass basic cloth, coat it with fine ptfe(teflon) resin then make it into various ptfe(teflon) fabricin different thickness and u2026

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