PTFE coated fiberglass fabric with different colors and thickness

Ptfe coated fiberglass farbic with different colors our company selects best imported fiberglass as the weaving material to plain knit or specially knit into high-grade fiberglass basic cloth, coating ptfe resin then make it into various ptfe teflon high temperature resistance clothes in different thickness and width.

Teflon fiberglass, high ptfe content premium series. teflon fiberglass is also called as ptfe coated fiberglass fabric, which is made from woven fiberglass fabric coated with high performance ptfe resin.. ptfe coating ensures this product has a excellent non stick (easy release) surface to almost all chemicals in the market, and heat resistant (continuous working u2026
Ptfe is also called ptfe coating, with this black (or other colors) coating, the coated fabric with properties like low friction coefficient, non toxic, non flammable insulation, chemical resistance and anti corrosion. this non stick oven insulation material can be used in many fields. fibre fabric woven cloth is able to be used below 550u2103 heat.

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