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Export non stick teflon adhesive tape. heat resistant single side silicone adhesive teflon tape. factory supply good price fiberglass high temperature teflon adhesive tape. 16 years manufacturer free samples high quality high stick adhesive tape. hot sale super quality opp film bopp high stick adhesive tape.
2x10m black ptfe teflon tape nonstick tape 500℉ high-temp fiberglass adhesive tape ... the ptfe (teflon) coating provides a smooth, anti-stick surface. coated with silicone adhesive. main applications a. coating of various high-temperature rollers, heating sheet and demoulding workpiece. b. sealing of foods, chemicals and plastic bags. c ...
Ptfe fiberglass adhesive tape is made from teflon cloth (or pure teflon film), treated with sodium or special reagent on one side, then coated with adhesive. there are two types of teflon tape: the narrow tapes are normally without release paper and the wide ones are always with release paper. high temperature resistance(-70℃~260℃).
Adhesive tape with calendered ptfe material these 2 main production techniques of adhesive tape give the products different mechanical properties. depending on your application, it may be wise to choose one of the two products : shape memory, flexibility, elongation in both directions

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