Anti Static High Temperature Tape Resistant Self adhesive PTFE fabric

Precisiontape™ is available in two adhesive formulations: acrylic ptfe tape: highly persistent adhesion at room temperature; able to withstand intermittent temperatures between -100° and 275°f (-73° and 135°c). silicone ptfe tape: adheres readily to heated surfaces; repositionable without residue; able to tolerate constant ambient temperatures from -100° to 500°f (-73° to
★  self adhesive teflon tape can be anti-static ptfe adhesive tape maintains durability at high speeds and high temperatures while maintaining a long service life. click the word to access anti-static teflon adhesive tape.
Acrylic series teflon adhesive tape, contains non stick ptfe surface and high temperature resistant adhesive teflon adhesive tape, back side coated with silicone or acrylic adhesive, which allows for easy release, high tensile strength and stable quality & dimension in high temperature.

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