ptfe Coated Fibreglass Fabric company

Ptfe-glass product line supplies ptfe coated fabrics, ptfe coated fiberglass,ptfe tape and belts,they are widely used in industrial ptfe teflon fabric,ptfe teflon tape,ptfe teflon belt supplierptfe-glass
Our fabrics have a woven substrate of fiberglass, kevlar®, nomex®, silicone. fabric is coated with ptfe or silicone. laminates are fiberglass with a laminated layer of silicone and/or ptfe. gore fabrics are made of woven ptfe threads plus an added layer of ptfe impregnation.
Vichen composite material co.,ltd.provides good quality ptfe coated fiberglass fabrics, teflon coated fabrics, silicone coated fabric, belting material, belting fabric, conveyor belting with
Ptfe-coated fiberglass mesh fabric sheets with larger openings than porous fiberglass fabric, these sheets allow for more air circulation in drying applications. the ptfe coating makes them nonstick and chemical resistant.

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