Teflon Belt Conveyor in Sydney

Ptfe (teflon) belts & tapes ptfe or silicone is coated onto high quality fabric substrates to produce flexible composites. the resulting surface provides the non-stick & temperature benefits of ptfe or silicone enhanced by the dimensional stability of the woven fabric.
Ptfe-glass and kevlar conveyor belts fiberflonu00ae is also the name of leadership in manufacturing of high performance process belts. fiberflonu00ae industrial conveyor belts combine the non-stick surface and heat resistance of ptfe (polytetrafluoroethylene) and with the strength and dimensional stability of fiberglass.
A teflon conveyor belt has the same coating applied to non-stick cookware. just like on cookware, it offers super non-stick surface and can resist high temperatures. teflon is a brand name of dupont for their ptfe product range. non-stick coatings are what make our products unique. because techbelt conveyor belts are coated with ptfe and [u2026]
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