PTFE Fabric in Germany

In its original form, ptfe is a rigid substance that cannot be made into flexible, fabric-like materials. however, this substance can be added to other types of materials to make a fabric-like substance, and various types of fabrics can also be made with eptfe, which is the stretched form of this linear polymer.
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Ptfe coated glass mesh fabric black, antistatic, 4 x 4 mm. used for conveyor belts for steam treatment and drying of woven or knitted fabrics and garments. we also supply ready made conveyor belts with edge strengthening and different types of connection. please send us your inquiry with a technical drawing or sample.
Ptfe coated fabrics chemfabu00ae is the performance coated fabric solution combining the mechanical properties of woven fabrics with excellent properties of ptfe. designed for manufacturers who strive for optimal performance and efficiency in processes, chemfabu00ae ptfe coated fabrics products offer the longest-lasting and most consistent performance under trying u2026

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