0 5mm ptfe Coated Fibreglass Fabric

0.5mm silicone rubber coated fiberglass fabric fire blanket fiber glass cloth . silicone coated fiberglass cloth is a fiberglass cloth coated with a specially compounded silicone rubber glue on one side or both sides.the special silicone rubber coating extends the life of the base fiberglass fabric and provides special features like superior water, oil and heat resistance.
Type 2 what is ptfe coated fiberglass? polytetrafluoroethylene (ptfe) coated fiberglass is the most durable membrane used in fau00e7ade systems. comprised of a woven glass fiber base fabric covered with teflonu00ae, ptfe coated fiberglass provides uncompromised and unequalled beauty, longevity, and functionality.
Ptfe coated fiberglass cloth is manufactured in a 38 wide fabric. wider cloth is available. designed for a wide range of applications, tfe-glassu2122 fabric is available in several grades to match specific performance requirements.
Ptfe-coated fiberglass mesh fabric sheets with larger openings than porous fiberglass fabric, these sheets allow for more air circulation in drying applications. the ptfe coating makes them nonstick and chemical resistant.

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