teflon Coated Fiberglass High Temperature Adhesive Tape

Ptfe (teflon) adhesive tape: fiberglass is the base fabric, which is coated with ptfe (teflon) emulsion and dried to ptfe (teflon) coated glass fiber cloth; ptfe (teflon) glass fiber cloth coated with silicone adhesive to ptfe (teflon)adhesive tape. ptfe (teflon) adhesive tape is high performance, new composite product.
Precisiontapeu2122 is available in two adhesive formulations: acrylic ptfe tape: highly persistent adhesion at room temperature; able to withstand intermittent temperatures between -100u00b0 and 275u00b0f (-73u00b0 and 135u00b0c). silicone ptfe tape: adheres readily to heated surfaces; repositionable without residue; able to tolerate constant ambient temperatures from -100u00b0 to 500u00b0f (-73u00b0 to 260u00b0c). precisiontapeu2122 ptfe tape u2026
Teflon ptft fiberglass adhesive tape ----high temperature use tape. backing: teflon ptfe fiberglass . glue: silicon adhesive/without. liner: white paper release liner/without
Jul 11, 2018u00a0u00b7 this tape maintains high temperature resistance to 500f, the ptfe coating provides a smooth, anti-stick surface multipurpose: impulse sealer, high-speed sealing machine, food packaging, hot melt machine, motor, high and low voltage electrical products, wire and cable insulation protection, battery manufacturing sewing machine and so.

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