PTFE Teflon Coat Glass Fabric in Senegal

Fiberflon® ptfe coated advanced fabrics and process conveyor belts are helping to solve problems in many industries interms of using in heat- sealing, curing and drying applications all kind of rubbers, plastics and textiles, food processing, architectural tensile structures, fabric expansion joints and many others.
Ptfe (teflon®) coated glass fabrics industrial series this line combines quality glass fabrics with medium level of ptfe coating to achive cost effective performance for mechanical applications such as heat-sealing, release sheets, belting.
Taixing youngsun fl-plastics co., ltd is a a wholly turkish owned company, which was founded in the year of 1990, is the manufacturer specialized in ptfe(teflon) and silicone coated fabric, ptfe pressure sensitive tapes, ptfe conveyor belt, ptfe film, ptfe non-stick baking liner and silicone baking mat committed to offer high performance and competitive price through technical
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